Museo del Mare (Sea Museum)


Museo del Mare (Sea Museum)

The Sea Museum includes six museum sections spread throughout the town: in the complex of the Wholesale Fish Market are located the Antiquarium Truentinum, the Amphorae Museum, the Museum of Maritime Civilization of Marche Region, The “Augusto Capriotti” Fish Museum, while the Sea Art Gallery and the Maritime Villa are situated in the historical area of the city called “Paese Alto”, the upper historical centre. The cultural landscape of San Benedetto is characterized by great diffusion and it was created thanks to the constant interaction between man and nature; the Sea Museum holds and collects the historical memory of this secular relationship and has the task of preserving, enhancing and transmitting its values to present and future generations.

Antiquarium Truentinum (Antiquary of Trent)

The archaeological section of the Sea Museum, completely rearranged in 2012, talks about the territory development of San Benedetto del Tronto from the Neolithic, through the Bronze and Iron Age, up to the Roman period when the city was part of the Ager Truentinum territory and the Middle Ages with the construction of the first castle.

Museo delle Anfore (The Amphorae Museum)

The Amphorae Museum, established in 1988 thanks to the donation of Dr. Giovanni Perotti, collects amphorae of different types and times, found all over the Mediterranean by the fishing nets used by the local navy that practiced trawling in different areas, from the Aegean to the Ionian, from the Tyrrhenian to the Sicilian Sea and of course, in the Adriatic Sea.

Museo Ittico "Augusto Capriotti" (“Augusto Capriotti” Fish Museum)

The “Augusto Capriotti” Fish Museum includes numerous marine species. The new museum exhibition, inaugurated in 2019, is divided into thematic areas and exhibits the aquatic variability starting from the species that live in the seabed up to the surface life. In the museum you will find the IMMER.S.E.A. stereoscopic room, which thanks to the 3D animations, allows a virtual immersion in the depths of the Adriatic Sea.

Museo della Civiltà Marinara Delle Marche (Museum of Maritime Civilization of the Marche)

The museum is organized in narrative units ranging from the work on land of rope-makers, women net weavers and shipwrights, to life at sea and to the sale of the catch, showing places, equipment and much more: the ancient and the modern, the relationship with the sea and digital devices which tell the story of maritime culture. From the large windows, it is possible to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the port that allows you to understand its structure, functionality and moorings.

Pinacoteca del Mare (The Sea Art Gallery)

The Sea Art Gallery was set up in 2009 in the ground floor rooms of Bice Piacentini Palace, birthplace of the homonymous poet from San Benedetto. It displays a collection of works by the artists Alfred Chatelain, Adolfo De Carolis, Armando Marchegiani and Angelo Landi. The palace also houses the City Historical Archive and in the basement, in addition to a tunnel from Roman times, there is the Hall of Poetry.

Villa Marittima (Maritime Villa)

It is a residential building dating back to the 1st century B.C. which is made up of a residential sector and a production sector. In the first sector there is the main room decorated with a refined mosaic floor, while under the current Piazza Sacconi were found tanks for the production of wine. Inaugurated in 2020, this important discovery put back the origins of the city by rewriting its history.

Museum opening hours
From 16 September to 14 June - Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
10:00-13:00 / 15:30-18:30
< br/>From 15 June to 15 September - From Tuesday to Sunday:
Pinacoteca del Mare, Villa Marittima
5pm / 11pm

Antiquarium Truentinum, Museum of Amphorae , Museum of Maritime Civilization of the Marche, “Augusto Capriotti” Fish Museum
10:00-13:00 / 17:00-21:00

Single full price € 8.00
Single concession €6.00
Full price for a single museum €4.00
Reduced price for a single museum €3.00

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