Brodetto alla Sambenedettese


Brodetto alla Sambenedettese certainly represents the main dish of local gastronomy.

This recipe is handed down by the old sailors who, once they went out to sea with their boats, needing to feed themselves, used less valuable fish to prepare it. Vinegar is a fundamental ingredient, which was used to give a sour covering to certain "smells" that could be created in the same fish. Among the most common fish to prepare the sambenedettese brodetto we remember cuttlefish, squid, spider fish, horse mackerel, ray, dogfish, monkfish, redfish, prawns and mantis shrimp. Not to be forgotten among the smells are white onion, red-green pepper, yellow pepper, unripe green tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil from our hills. Before serving it on the plate, add some slices of roasted homemade bread that are soaked with the "brodetto".

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