Brodetto alla Sambenedettese (fish soup from the seafood tradition)


The Brodetto alla Sambenedettese (fish soup from the seafood tradition)

The Brodetto alla Sambenedettese, an authentic jewel of the local gastronomic tradition, continues to enchant the palate with its history rich in marine flavors and aromas.
This delicacy is the result of a long tradition handed down by the brave sailors, who, during the their adventures at sea, they created this soup using the least prized fish. A key ingredient of this dish is vinegar, used to give a sour touch to the potential "odors" that could develop during the preparation of the fish.
Among the varieties of fish used to prepare the Brodetto alla Sambenedettese are cuttlefish , squid, spider fish, horse mackerel, skate, dogfish, angler fish, scorpion fish, scampi and mantis shrimp. The essential aromas include white onion, red and green pepper, yellow pepper, unripe green tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil from the local hills.
Before being served, the broth is accompanied by toasted slices of homemade bread.
There is no rigid recipe for Brodetto, as there are many variations.
Among these, the "Boat Brodetto" stands out, prepared directly on board by the expert hands of the sailors, using the fish available.
Once upon a time, during adventures at sea, a large and semi-deep pot was used to summarily clean it, representing the opportunity for a hot meal amidst the cold of the open sea.
Homemade Brodetto, on the other hand, is handed down across generations within families. Here, the distinctive character is given by the use of white wine vinegar. The selection of fish becomes more rigorous, but the recipe remains a personal treasure that is transmitted verbally. This more "homemade" version of Brodetto had its first codifications in nineteenth-century cookbooks.
The restaurant Brodetto, while maintaining the soul of the original dish, experiments with new ingredients to satisfy the palate of tourist diners . Here, you can find additions of corn on the cob, scampi, clams and even mussels. In some cases, the vinegar may be slightly toned down. This variant represents a fusion between authentic tradition and culinary innovation inspired by tourism.

In conclusion, Brodetto alla Sambenedettese is much more than a simple fish soup. It is a journey through the history of sailors, the home tradition and the encounter with modernity in restaurants. This dish continues to delight palates with its versatility and its ability to adapt to the different nuances of Marche cuisine.

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