The village of Grottammare


Journey through the small medieval villages of the Piceno area, perched on green hills and full of history.

The ancient village of the city of Grottammare is located on a hill from which it dominates the modern city. The Castle of Grottammare was probably built in the 10th century and subsequently strengthened (in the 12th century) when it became part of the possessions of the city of Fermo. Of the old castle that was located at the top of the hill, only a few sections of walls and the bases of the towers remain, immersed in a luxuriant pine forest.

The castle was accessed through three doors: Porta Marina (not far from the "Torrione della Battaglia") to the east, Porta Castello to the north (from which you arrive at the "Oasi dei Monti") and Porta Maggiore to the south (demolished at the beginning of 1900).

Entering from the south side of the village we immediately find ourselves in Piazza Peretti, overlooked by the Clock Tower, the Orange Theater on whose facade we can see the statue of Sixtus V and the Church of San Giovanni. On the east side of the square, a "loggia" offers a beautiful view over the city and the coast. Continuing inside the village we find the Church of Santa Lucia built at the request of Pope Sixtus V

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